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A wedding that is True as you are!

Dante Santiago is the founder & lead producer of events with Dharonc Events. He is the master mind behind each event.

We are ready to demostrate and show the world how passion & creativity can get along in an event. When it comes to delivering an unforgettable, majestic & extraordinary events, not only in the Riviera Maya but throughout the mexican carribean. Started back in 2018, our team, with fresh romantic ideas, with experience in the mexican carribean since 2015.

This team will deliver over the top, exceptional service, helping you from day one of the planning.

This team based locally in Tulum is ready to deliver extraordinary wedding memories, which will leave all guests amazed by the delivery of the stunning experience, not only with wedding festivities, but the planning of an adventourous routine for all of the family and loved ones.

This experience will leave a landmark in everyone's memory, as a lifetime success, from a everlasting elopement, to a Religious stunning ceremony wedding celebration. With unique styling and luxurious delivery throughout the entire festivities.

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Dhanroc Events

We offer an original and authentic touch to each event, to make it unforgettable. Our adventures start from the first contact, in which, we talk about custom order decoration, and we provide easy to plan logistics for your wedding day.

  • 6 Years of Experience

  • Dedicated to transform special events into unique experiences, where love always WINS

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Exclusive Planning Service

Having not only a pair of eyes, but an entire team that will add peace of mind, tranquility, and peace into your planning to deliver the wedding of your dreams

Hotel Cancún
Nov 17th, 2022

Daniella & Aldo

Hotel Cancún
Nov 22th, 2022

Toni & Eric

Hotel Cancún
Jan 25th, 2023

Stephanie & Jessica

Hotel Cancún
Nov 13th, 2022

Latasha & Eric

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